1_Students waited for the event to start as early as 6.45am 2_time to do some warm-up 3_The warm-up was instructed by Miss Girly Toh 4_Almost all the teachers joined in too! 5_However, some have their own way of warming up 6_Still there are others who are curious about 7_Running 6 km is no joke 8_Yes for others, they still have time for a group photo 9_6km is nothing, lets have a game of chess 10_Teachers take a rest for a job well done 11_After all the hardwork they still can look so pretty 12_Waitng for the results 13_Thankyou boys and girls, it was wonderful 14_Miss Teh presenting the medal to the girls 15_Mr Omar presenting the medal to the class 3 boys 16_Hargreaves Cheer leader 17_Mr Ho presenting the award to the boys class 2 18_Mr Jalil presenting the award to the class 1 boys 19_Wu Lien Teh house the Winner of the 2012 PFS Cross Country Run