01_Students come early to prepare their site 02_Form 1 students were very excited 03_parents accompanied their child during the registeration 04_The school principal gave a welcoming speech 05_The senior assistance of Co-curriculum gave her welcoming speech 06_VIP guest En. Md Ismail PPD Timur Laut, En. Zulkifli , PK Hem SM Jelutong with the principal 07_School band in action 08_The talented Sea Scouts of PFS 09_Such fantastic project can only happen in PFS_Bravo to you boys 10_They say that chess clubs members are all very clever 11_Meet the magnificent School Archery Club 12_Softball club 13_Red Crescent Society 14_Oh dear_I thought it was real_ From Red Crescent 15_Chinese Cultural Society 16_Kelab Seni Lukis_You are the best 17_PFS Buddhist Student Society 18_Astronomy Club 19_The Science and Maths Society_Our future Scientists 20_F1 Club_Meet the National Champs 2011 21_Penang Free School Robotic Club 22_Fantastic Indian Kolam 23_The School Indian cultural Society 24_The School Christian Fellowship Society 25_The Christian Fellowship Society 26_The School Historical Society 27_The Malay Cultural Society 28_Shaolin Wushu_Do not be fool by their smiles_ they are all experts 29_Meet the smart heroes_ The Boys' Brigade 30_Thou shalt obey the rules_ From the school Polis Cadet 31_These teachers are all table tennis experts 32_Our schoo Tennis club 33_These two hunks are from the Rugby club 34_Meet some of our school volley ball team players 35_Our School Hockey Team 36_Our Football Team 37_School Cricket Team 38_Our basket ball team_I did not know that basket ball comes with so many design 40_School athletics club 41_The School Islamic Society 42_The computer club members are not only good in repairing comps but they are GVC champions too 43_The School Music Club_ Meet the Strings Trio 44_The most expensive club_ The Photography Club 45_All food stuffs are bad_ from the Penang Free School Consumer Club 46_Hello_this is Miss Hasniyah_the sweetest teacher in the school 47_The Form 1 are now ready to register under their favourites 48_All students and teachers are given food and drinks 49_All the pop_chop_and cracks comes from the School Tae Kwan Do Club