All students listened attentively to the principal's speech Almost all societies, clubs and groups of students presented gifts to the HM Every students gave their best for their beloved principal Gifts from MCR Gifts from OFMA Gifts from PIBG Gifts from Wunshu Gifts from the Admin Gifts from the Boys Brigade Gifts from the Cricket team Gifts from the Hockey team Gifts from the Indian Cultural Society Gifts from the Red Cresent Society Gifts from the School band Gifts from the Sea Scouts Gifts from the Tai Kwan Do Society Gifts from the art club Gifts from the cultural society Good bye my beloved students, I will miss you too Good bye sir His motto is simple_ a teacher must loves his or her students like their own In his 6 years in PFS, there is only one theme Students first More students waiting in the hall for their beloved principal Sir, we will always remember your good and kind deeds Sir, we will miss you Sir, we wish you the best and we will miss you Some of the Indian teachers in the school Some of the gifts the principal received Teachers eating together with their beloved principal Teachers taking their seats Teachers waiting for the principal The principal leading the teachers while the students cheers The principal leads the way to the pavilion The principal saluting the march-past The principal's last words of encouragement to his beloved students The school band playing for the principal The school thank OFA, PTA, OFMA, BOG and Mr Goh for gracing the occasion The students really love the principal Tn Haji Ramli B Din a truly remarkable and loving principal Tn Haji Ramli B Din talking with the PIBG president Tn Haji Ramli B Din waving good byes to all his beloved students Tn Haji Ramli Din waiting for some VIPs gifts from the rangers