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  Principal of Penang Free School Dear Visitors,
In the era of globalization and in the ever-changing landscape of education world, we continue to hold steadfast to our glorious culture of "Once a Free, Always a Free." In Penang Free School, we are guided by the vision of developing a dynamic learning organization and an innovative community in tandem to our National Education Philosophy: to create a new wave of students who are not only intelligent and creative but also staunch believers of dignity, integrity and accountability.
We do not have to look further than our school vision: a scholar, a sportsman, a gentleman, and above all, a leader. I believe that each of us is able to contribute to the total experience of the school by synergizing in this vision. By collaborating and working diligently, we become that Scholar. By carrying ourselves well at all times like true Frees, we become the Gentlemen.
In Penang Free School, we are not dream chasers but dream weavers; each of our dedicated teacher has a dream to realize. We realize that we have to carefully weave and guide our students, and mould them into becoming a masterpiece; a masterpiece to be emulated by the community.
Our teachers have started the year with a bold new commitment to innovate teaching methodologies and engage in reflective practice in order to ascertain that intellectual curiosity is very much alive in every classrooms.
This website only gives you a glimpse into the heart and soul of "The Grand Old Lady." It provides you some useful information of the school, and an overview of our establishment and achievements. I thank you for your interest in our school, and I hope that what is on this website will trigger the wish in you in wanting to know us better and to work with us.
"Fortis Atque Fidelis"

En. Omar Bin Abd Rashid,
The Principal
Penang Free School