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  About the web-site:
Penang Free School was the first school that registers officially with the www back in the 1980s.
At that time Mr. Kong Fun Chong with Gerald Tan, Toh Seng Oon and others laboriously build a very beautiful and informative website. That site was further improved by Mr. Ooi Chin Wah and his boys. These tasks were later pass-on to Mr. Goh Seng Kar who managed it with the help of the old boys by allowing the site to be hosted in one of their server in KL. A few years back, due to an incident, the whole website was erased.
The website was blank for more than 6 months! Thank God, the school website has Disted College to anchor and the whole website was rebuild from scratch without any given templates. Mr. David Ch'ng tries his best (though without any experiences) build one simple website for the school in mid 2007 and it was updated until Oct 2011 during that period of time the webmaster received tons of ridicule from the public especially from the old boy themselves as they tries to compare the old and the new. The website eventually closed down again due to lack of encouragement. This website is the third efforts by Mr. David Ch'ng.  [ Click here to see some of the old archives ]